Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reader Appreciation Award

I was nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by Tamara at her blog One Magic Bean Buyer, which is all kinds of amazing. She was one of the first to disect my pitch at the GUTGAA blog hop, and we've been online friends since. Right, Tamara? Oh, and speaking of GUTGAA, she made it to Round 2 Agent Pitch over there, so be a doll and go congratulate her :D She deserves it because her story, Against the Falling Moons, is really good. Due to a minor technical error, I didn't send my pitch in time for the Agent Round, so she gave me someone to root for.  

Well, now the Rules for this thingy. 

  • Identify and show appreciation to the blogger who nominated you
  • Add the reward logo to your blog
  • Tell your readers seven things about yourself
  • Nominate 5-10 of your favorite bloggers for this award.
  • Inform your nominees you nominated them.

Seven things about me: 


I cannot, for the life of me, play a video game. I think even Mario Bros. hates me. It’s just embarrasing when your 7 year old sister beats you at Mario Cart. And it’s not even like I’m “letting her” win. In fact, it’s the opposite. Sometimes she feels bad for me that loses on purpose.


Speaking of said 7 year-old... I love all of my siblings with my life, but the youngest is special. She’s my soulmate. Or a clone of mine, take your pick. Even thought there are some days that she gets as annoying as kids get, she is and always will be my little sunshine. I named one of my MC after her. I asked her if she was okay with that (she can build up quite a temper if I don’t take her into consideration in things like that) and her very serious answer was: “Sure. But don’t let anybody read that.” I laughed so hard and she didn’t speak to me for a day. Luckily, she didn’t rescind permission.


 The first “adult” book I ever read is Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead. Quite a shocker for me. Until then, I didn’t really consider the possibility of book characters having sex. I’ve read a lot of books like that after (wait a minute... *looks at the camera a-la-Nanny-Fran*)  but Georgina will remain forever in my heart. She’s a perfect example of a flawed character that still is capable of making you love her in spite of the flaws. I picked it up expecting something similar to Vampire Academy, which I recently finished and loved at the time, and it was so funny because the first chapter shocked me senseless. SO not like Vampire Academy.


I’ve been known as “The Girl Who Falls Asleep In Clubs’ Restrooms”. Note the plural. Okay, that sounds very bad. But it’s true. It’s just not my kind of place. Every time my friends dragged me to places like these, I ended up having an intimate acquaintance with the couches that they put at girl’s restroom. I don’t know if they put those in other countries’ clubs’ restrooms, but they do in Paraguay. For which I am profoundly thankful.


My first MS was writen when I was twelve. It wasn’t finished and got lost a lot of years ago, but I do vaguely recall what it was about. It was in spanish, and I was just getting into Harry Potter. Think Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper, but instead of a pauper, it was a pirate. And they were two girls, instead of boys. At the time, I didn’t know that my brilliant idea had been done a gazillion times before. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time, but my best friend and I, in all of our innocence, were really excited about it (remember that, Jazmin?) I didn’t pick up the writing bug for almost ten years afterward, but that’s the beginning of my “writing career”.


I share my birthday with my great-grandmother. Except, of course, 70 years apart. My early birthday parties? Not. Fun. I always had to spend them surrounded by old people who didn’t exactly remember that it was my birthday, too. As I grew older, I put my foot down and skipped the family reunion. My great-grandma is generally known as a bitchy old lady, but to me she was always nice. Must be because we share our birthday. She still calls me every year to congratulate me on robbing her of her day. And of course, I go to visit her as often as I can, but I’ve successfully avoided the rest of my relatives for a few years now. She understands, I think.


Okay, a short one. I’ve had seven cell phones in four years. Cell phone technology is not my best friend. 

What was next? Oh, yeah. My nominees are: 

Wow. Believe it or not, that was a huge feat for me. I have like, 11 followers. Maybe now I'll get a little bit more?

BTW.. Love you, my Elevens :D



  1. Thanks so much for the award! This is one I've never gotten, and I'll be happy to accept it. I'll post about it sometime over the weekend.

    1. Cool. Just let me know and I'll check it out ;)

  2. Oh my God, you are so sweet. Thank you SO much for rooting for me. I need all the good vibes I can get. I spent the entire day re-writing the first 150 words and ended up with a version remarkably similar to the original 150 I already had.I got it in six minutes before the deadline. hehe.

    I love how much you love your sister. That's awesome. Especially with the age difference. So cool that you named a character after her. When you are published and she's a little older she's going to brag to all her friends about that! :)

    I have never read Succubus Blues or anything else by Richelle Mead. I am the only person in the YA universe who hasn't read the Vampire Academy books. I've heard good things about them but they always seemed like they'd be gossip girl with vampires. haha. I'm not a big fan of gossip girl. Are they worth checking out?

    I also think it's awesome you fall asleep in club restrooms. I've never been a clubbing kind of girl myself. Even when I was young, they just bored the crap out of me. Too loud and smoky and meat-markety. Is that a word? If not, it should be.

    Anyway, I'm going to stop violating your comments section now. Thanks again for rooting for me!! :)

    1. I've made it through the first chapter of the first GG book and I hated it. So no, it's really not like that.
      Richelle Mead's books are extremely good, but between Vampire Academy and its spin-off, Bloodlines, I'll take Bloodlines. You have to finish VA to get most of why people make such a buzz out of BL.. #teamAdrian

      And yes, that is SO what I think about clubs. So not my kind of fun. People say I'm weird because I'd rather spend my weekends reading or catching up with my series, but everyone is different, therefore, everyone enjoys passing time differently.


  3. Richelle Mead = supreme ruler of the universe. She. Is. Awesome. (And Tamara, SO not like GG)

    If I could make a suggestion Johana? Maybe move your GFC to the sidebar? I almost missed it when I visited your blog the first time. I think if something's not where people expect it to be, they don't really go looking for it.

    1. I actually had to google what GFC was. Thanks for the suggestion :D

  4. Hey thank you! I appreciate the nomination. :)

    And how cool you have the same bday as your great grandma! Coincidentally, my son has the same bday as my grandpa--his great grandpa. :)

  5. Popping in from the blog hop - tickled to find your blog!

  6. Haha this cracked me up, especially the nightclub thing. I tend to avoid clubbing altogether because I always end up standing in the corner with my jeans and t-shirt and trainers, feeling like somebody's mum!
    Anyway I just stopped by from the Follow-Swap Blog Hop and I'm now following you. Thanks for joining in!
    Kat :)