Thursday, May 09, 2013

FAKING IT: Pre-order Campaign (Plus a really cool thermomether thingy;D) UPDATED

Guys! I'm trying to murder my blog by posting everyday. I'm kidding. I have been away for a long time though, wasn't I? It's been crazy with a million different things going on in my life now, but this week there's been too much good stuff that I virtually resucited. I had to. Just keep reading ;)

Remember our friend Cora Carmack? And that little NA novel she wrote, Losing It? Well, guess wha-at? Its sequel, FAKING IT (Or as I call it in my mind, CADING IT. Trust me, once you read it, you'll get it. Check the first two chapters here.) will be out on June 4th (Also Cora's birthday) and now she's giving us some incentive to get those pre-orders numbers UP.

What she's giving us, you ask?


That's right. Cora will be releasing a special scene from the british hottie that stole our hearts quoting Shakespeare in Losing It. Guys, I'm so excited I can't even...

Here's a cool thermomether that will tell us when the pre-orders reach each goal, so... You know, spread the word.

 UPDATE! The first goal was reached, and here's the first scene from Garrick's PoV! Enjoy ;)

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  1. Awww! Thanks for remembering it's also my birthday! <3