Tuesday, October 18, 2011


         The first Urban Fantasy book I ever read was Succubus Blues, and how can a hot-blooded, thinking creature NOT fall in love with Georgina Kincaid is beyond my comprehension.

       This genre is the older sister of YA literature, and you can actually follow the timeline of my life based on how my reading habits evolved from YA to UF. I still love YA, but as an adult you need more mature reading.
       I personally like my books with witty, smart, lovable characters and interesting plot lines with classy sex appeal, and UF has provided me with all those things and so much more. Anyone with even a tiny love for reading would agree with me that this genre is probably the one that requires the most imaginative and talented writers, because elements for a great book that addresses supernatural subjects and insert them in the adult world, so different from the fantasy and illusion that are inherent to teenagers, are hard to put together and have that “This could totally happen in real life” feeling.

      I have read a lot books  that fall in this category (I am a proclaimed Richelle Mead huge fan) and they make me believe that there might be some kind of magic at work in the world, even when I know that succubuses, vampires, fairies, werewolves and other magical creatures aren't real. It’s the magic that happens when you are reading something, and are picturing it in your head, and there’s this whole world in the pages you are reading, characters that feel so real that you fall in love with them, that make you suffer their misery and smile their joys, and you know that they are not real, but you are still feeling those things. That’s magic for me. That’s Urban Fantasy for me.

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